A Tale of Special Siblings

Technically speaking, this post is a redundancy of an universal truth. But I am a human, with emotions that are often hard to suppress – especially when I form a special bond in such a short term that I am yet to fully grasp the rapid progression of the bond under such a short period of time. That is what prompts me to write this special post – dedicated specifically to my newfound, but by far the best, sister (whom we shall refer to as IR for brevity) – which is nothing much but a testament to the fact that love is God and nothing else.

This post is short and all about relationships, bonds and the three stages, through which every bond that I have forged in my life, passes.

The first is the starting point of a bond or a relation where two random strangers meet or get to know each other. The second is a matter of how and under what circumstances and conditions the strangers became acquainted. It is a stage where you either become good friends and something on those lines, or you become truly close. The second stage is also where you might become quite addicted at times, and love the time spent with this friend. There is the occasional fight or misunderstanding, or may be not, in some cases.

Then comes the final stage.

The final stage is where this acquaintance becomes something like a part of your body. No matter what, you intuitively know that this special friend has become a permanent entity of your life. This is where you treat them as your own. Customary obligations, formality, civil honors and everyday greetings no longer matter between you and this special friend. It goes beyond a regular friendship.

I have been fortunate enough, since my school days, to have gotten a few such relations. My friend Ramarathinam is a fantastic example who’d prove my point beyond any shadow of doubt. There were many such friends in college too, with Sudhir, Arunan, Rakesh, Vijay, Prem, Guru, Vinoth (not in any order) etc. By the sheer fortune of being on the same lane as Sudhir, we have become closer still and share a very good brotherhood that is hard to attain even amidst true brothers.

But what makes this newfound bond so special is evident from the fact that I have spent something like half-an-hour to write this blog post – occasionally hitting the wall and not knowing how to proceed further. I am still at a crossroads and at a loss of words to describe how I got a sister as good as IR. 🙂

To cut a long story short, the three stages usually take years to cross by. With Rams, it was through tenth form, eleventh form and twelfth by the time the third stage was attained. With college friends, of course, it was clearly three years. But with IR, and I am so stunned as I type this, it was just three days. Of course, IR is a very open-minded, chirpy, highly friendly, hyperactive and lovely human – one with a very open frame of mind, a very passionate and loving nature and very active socializing capability. This is what became the foundation stone for our special sibling bond.

We became an instant brother/sister duo – as crazy in spirit as can be expected. “Offliners” and mind-blowing revelations cemented our relationship forever. Today, as I look back, it is just a few days before that we began to chat. But it seems as if we have known each other for several years. Life, truly, is a consortium of moments that one can hardly grasp. To relish, to experience the bliss and to feel it, is all we can do.

Thanks IR. You reinforce my belief in Anbe Sivam. You reinforce my belief in true love towards every being in this universe.

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