unexpected but welcome memories

(photo credits: net_efekt)

This morning, in college, as I walked the corridor towards my classroom, a very familiar, a very benevolent and a very mesmerizing scent breezed past. A gardener was just watering the mini-lawn in front of the corridor and as the scent of the freshly watered grass and mud reached me, I remembered the small but beautiful park, near where I stayed in Ahmedabad. I can’t think of any particular reason but the strongly captivating scent that brought back those wonderful memories.

The park holds a very special place in my heart – I have written elsewhere about that brief microsecond where I felt as if I had merged with the microcosm and attained bliss right here in this park.

Every night, my roommate Rahul Purohit and I would take a stroll in this park/garden. We’d take our bottles to fill them with the cool drinking water available here. After three of four rounds of walking around, we would sit on the lush-green grass, which stayed eternally fresh, and talk about everything under the sun – about office life, career prospects, future plans, girls in office, bank clerical examinations and more.

One of those days, rain began pouring all of a sudden. The downpour became very heavy within a matter of seconds. Rahul and Manu Agrawal (another roommate) were in the mood to get drenched, while I was not. So they handed their mobile phones to me and I dashed off to the shelter of our room. They came in drenched like cats, dripping water, but surprisingly, the downpour had been so heavy that I was as much drenched as they were.

Rahul is a Gujarati with a Marwari descent. Manu is from Uttar Pradesh (Pratapgad) but he too had a Marwari ancestry. I am from Chennai with a Maharashtrian descent. But what mattered there, at that garden, during those long walks and longer talks was that we were all one and the same. We were friends sharing not just the room but our thoughts, our love and our mutual understanding and respect

And in the end, that’s all that matters because all you take with you is beautiful memories.

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