data love and data loss – simple tragicomedy

People love their data. Photos, music, videos or playlists, albums, collections – people are so much in love with their data that one would probably think they are married to it rather than to any mortal human. A guy, in all probability, would be more in love with the picture of his girlfriend – located probably at “D:/Photos/My_Fifth_GF/girl.jpg” (for Windows users) or may be at “file://home/johndoe/Pictures/the-fifth/girl.jpg” (for Linux sweethearts) – than his actual, mortal and real-life girlfriend.

A few weeks back, one of my close friends lost a ton of data. Last week, I lost some. That “some” was actually the only data I wanted to backup – a collection of my most favorite soundtracks that would help me shut out the sound of my mother scolding me for not eating breakfast on time, or on other occasions, would help me pace up my work during the evening.

Now, whoever said Shit Happens probably did have the future (read computer data) in mind. From big companies to school-going children, everyone’s got something on their computers which is dear, near and precious. And no matter what, at some point or the other, that piece of data would either become a piece of excreta (synonym, starting with s, four letters) or become lost – gone with the wind. And they want data-backup.

Let me profess a simple exercise for those who have data-backup – look back at that pile of folders, documents and stuff you have saved up as backup. Chances are, one year from now, most of it you are never going to look back at, and much of it is not of any use any more. Photos, movies, ebooks, files, documents – you name it.

It’s a well-known fact that people love data too much and you don’t need me to talk about that. Oh yeah, John Doe buys 1 TB external HDD and stores up all his important files. Two months from now, he is gonna start deleting some of the files on it – because the space ain’t enough. Then? Oh, he’s gonna get tired of deleting unimportant “important files” from very important files. He’s gonna prioritize more seriously – backup very very important files only, and wipe off every other <insert any four letter obscenity here> from the 1 TB external HDD.

Well, whether the above scenario happens or not, shit happens and Murphy predicted right when he declared that if something could go wrong, it most certainly will – especially with hard-disks that sit within the system cursing its owner for making it rotate at 7200rpm, or that sit outside the system, cursing the USB sticking up its behind.

The only data you need to worry about is in your brain. If you lose it, then there’s something more to worry about than the actual data lost because if you lose memories, names, places, events that are going to be important, you should either work on your memory power or consult a brain-specialist – who knows a little more than the fact that the brain is not located in the abdominal region. As for your computer data, be happy it’s there but don’t be sad when it’s gone suddenly. Or, have someone to remind you that shit happens and console you through text messages – like my sister who did that for me! 😉

(comic strip credits – Don Hill Online.)

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