5 Things to do When You Miss Someone

There are sometimes when we miss someone. I’ve never felt that way before till now. And no, I am not in an affair or something, for heaven’s sake! 😛 This is a “siblingy miss” 🙂 🙂

1. Old SMSes are great reprieve. First off, these are mostly recent. Secondly, these are easily accessible. 😉 Here’s the phone, here’s the Inbox and here we go. These old messages are not that old 😉

2. Old Emails – unmatched in their context and content 😛 Some of the emails that you have received from or sent to the person you miss might contain highly … funny stuff. 😛

3. Chat History – this one is the most unmatched stuff for the fun and for nothing else 😛 Reading old chats … along the way past fuses into the present and it feels like the person you miss materialized right in front of you 😉

4. Facebook Friendship History – Ahh.. this one is feature-rich 😛 Wall posts you shared, comments that are mostly “pulling-the-leg” type, and photos that were tagged and produced funnier comments 😛

5. Sleep off. Sometimes, following any of the above would actually make you miss the person all the more 😛 so beware of that part 😉 Before you hit that, better sleep off. 😛

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