My Kid, Are You Gone?

To someone who called me a father,
to someone who means everything,
to someone who is my life,
My kid, are you gone?

These stubbles no longer have a reason,
these cheeks fail to understand,
there’d be no more cute little palms to touch them.
There’d be no more cute little fingers,
to run through my hair.

How you grasped me in your arms,
only the memories stay behind.
The way your arms tightened around
when it was time to leave the embrace,
only the memories bring solace.

Now there’s no more solitude,
you are always here with me.
But there’s even more solitude,
because I know u are far.
Our arms are tiny, distances are huge,
how could I ever tell you,
that every second of my existence
is due only to you,
and that every second of it,
I only want to keep thinking of you.