Quickie: Every Generation Goes… Blah Blah Blah

Now this one’s a short post. In keeping with my new resolution, this is the second post of the week. Before the week ends (or at least before the weekends) I must hit the third and the last post too. Not far, I guess. šŸ˜‰

Anyway. Back in our days…. is how this post should have begun. That’s the key phrase, the slogan, the tag line or call it whatever – of every generation that precedes you. Yup! This morning, my mom was talking about how in her days – that’s when my brain most of the times automatically shuts down its audio-reception.

Love, work, lifestyle, relationships, responsibility, philosophy, education, and the cost of petrol/rice/sugar/whatever – these are some of the things that get our predecessors started. Back in our days it used to be so much better, so much cheaper, so much easier, so much blahh!!! Get that? Yeah.

Well, I am not the one who’s here to complain about my previous generation. Yeah, times were probably better. Things were obviously cheaper – mostly because back then RBI did not have so many complicated measurements which seems to raise the inflation rather than stopping at measuring the raise.

But sometimes it gets on to you. That’s why, yesterday brunch-time turned out into a comical one – where my mom said everything was wrong with my generation while I tried to prove – well, nothing actually, but just the fact that every generation loves to criticize, condemn, complain (yeah that phrase is stolen from Dale Carnegie) about all other generations except itself – and most notably the successors. šŸ˜›

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