Root of -1: A Simply Complex World

Until a few hours back, my thought waves – a simple term for the complex functions of the brain – remained grounded at the mundane level of thinking. That is to say, I was thinking about whether to eat the one remaining banana or to leave it for my dad’s consumption. As luck would have it, tragedy struck right then – I looked at the remote-control(s) a second too longer and ended up becoming too philosophical about the subject 😛

Welcome to our world, our technology and our simple complexity.

Chances are you use the remote-control 99.999999 times out of 100, although it’s hard to imagine how you can use it 0.999999ce. (‘ce’ like in once, twice thrice) But that’s maths and let’s leave it at that for now.

Now, despite depending on the remote-control to change channels, raise the volume, or to shut off the not-so-intelligently-named idiot-box, one would have to really think about this – how many of the buttons on the modern remote-control do I really use?

On a practically personal level of speaking – phew, that was simple I guess – I use: power, volume (+,-), program/channel(+,-), rarely “mute”, and even more rarely, “menu.” Sometimes, I click the “Program Guide” – but don’t count that, because it’s located close to the “Menu” button and the click was accidental. 😛

Technically, that’s about 16.66% of the keys. The rest of ‘em? Keys that do things that I rather don’t want and things which seem complex enough even if you are someone who is not electronically- and “gadgetly”- challenged. (Never mind the newly coined term).

Nevertheless, I took a stroll through the remote-control and the functions of the remote-control. Needless to say, I was bored by the time I had explored even half of the features. So, finally having thrown the control to a safe distance to relieve myself off the burden, I took a look at my cellphone to see if I had received any messages. The problem did not begin till I looked at this gadget in the same way I looked at the remote-control a few moments ago. And we were back to square one again!! 😛

I am not taking a satirical view of the technology that surrounds us here. It’s probably my terminal illness of looking at the funnier side of things (long time since I used to do that, but it’s nice to be back). Technology has to remain technology – utilitarian to the core. Once art and poetry gets into technology, you end up having features that are complex, but many a time, not exactly utilitarian!

That is why I have features on my cellphone I would probably never use in this lifetime, functions of the television I’d not even have imagined to exist, and features on the Casio keyboard which I’d rather not know because the coffee out there is getting colder right now. 😀

P.S: If you have been awake in at least a couple of Mathematics classes in your school, you might remember there’s something called the complex number – square root of -1 = i. If you asked me – which I know you wouldn’t – I’d say that complex number (i) is the most simplest of the complex things in the world. Anything beyond – like -i for instance – is way too complex for me. Coffee’s waiting. 😀

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