Soda Craving and An Illumination

I don’t really know when I tasted soda for the first time. It must have been Mum who introduced me to it, because as far as I can remember, it was she who talked about soda to me. By soda, I don’t mean the new, flavorless ones – Lehar (by Pepsi) or some other branded soda (!). I mean the old ones, the ones that were quite popular in the past, and still remain so, albeit, in the rural areas.

The goli soda is by far the most popular soda out here. Or at least, the name has stayed strong and remains fresh in the minds of the people. For the past few days, or more precisely, for one and a half weeks exactly, soda has become an important part of my life. I’ve been in constant quest for this elixir – yeah, it has almost come to that level now! – and through this craving and subsequent search, I’ve realized some importantly grave things about the status of soda in my city. 😛 Things that are not good for me 😛

One of the first things I knew was that the types of soda has come down. Previously, I believe, there used to be plenty of lemon soda, ginger soda, panneer soda and the normal soda. Things like Limca have effectively removed the market for the lemon versions. Today, ginger soda is hard to find – as I realized sometime back when my Mum asked for it – and the only soda I have found so far is the panneer soda. 

Personally, I love it. One of my cousins, introduced me to it. And since that day, I’ve been a great fan of panneer soda – cold, please.

Okay, now for the observations. Soda is fast becoming extinct. Yeah, Lehar is very much alive and thriving, but it’s for the guys who want to dilute their alcohol and spirit. Or in the rare case when I want to prepare nimbu soda which I had almost everyday in Ahmedabad.

Technically soda is just aerated water. Looks plain transparent like water, is as viscous as water and is very much water – except for two things: the gas and the flavor. The tang of panneer soda is still lingering in my tongue right now. 😛

The number of shops that are opting out of soda subscription (:P) is increasing everyday. From my quests so far, I’ve found that of 10 shops that sell cold drinks, only a couple sell soda too. The goli soda, which usually has different varieties, has been reduced to having just one. Above all, my soda craving has reached new heights after learning about this apparent endangered state of soda!! 😛

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