Miscellaneous Ramblings…

I seem to have lost touch with writing something serious and grave, even when my life takes on an unknown turn, with no sense of direction. I thought to begin this post as a total rambling – as this is the last place I know where I can pour out having run out of all other places and people 😛 – but I knew serious writing was not my cup of tea – until it is time to confuse my cousin with writings on philosophy.

So, as usual, it’s yet another time of the day when I problems plague us and there is no clear solution whatsoever. After having searched high and low (yeah, you can include the middle layer too), I decided the shores of my city would provide me with a solution to my predicaments.

You know it’s a calamity when you don’t remember why you go to college. The case, I guess, is same when you have no clear idea of how you are going to manage things – like studying for the semester that’s fast approaching and the new job assignment. To top all these, what’s really awesome, is relationship troubles where the only thing I know is I am back to square one. (to the unacquainted, relationship means a lot of things; just cut out the boy-girl love thing okay? that, too, is not my cup of tea) 😛

Well, having decided the sea would answer, I took the bus that took me to the beach. I walked past the long lines of shops and reached the shore. One thing I noticed was, I had chosen the wrong day – Sunday. 😛 Half of the metropolitan population was out here.

I walked along the shore and kept walking. Waves came and went. And came again and went. But what was impressive was, even the sea decided to make something funny out of the situ. It took me about two-kilometers to learn that the waves and the water were not offering me any kind of a solution. 😛

But, you know, that was probably the solution. There is no problem quite really. It is obviously just a passing phase. Problems are defined by us. If I take them as something else – a lesson, a task, a valuable experience – I would not have to walk along the shore again – but still, it’s nice doing that, which is why I’m goin’ again sometime 😉

But there are things I learnt:

The almost-empty purse in my pant pocket never got wet despite thigh-high waves lashing at me. And the headphone I hoped would go awol, was also very much proper. Damn 😛 I at least thought I’d get a new earphones – this one’s bugging me a lot 😛

The Punjabi guy I met in the bus was a picture of what a normal man should be like – jovial, sometimes serious (while talking about Hindi and Tamil Nadu – dangerous combination) and smart – but very humble enough.

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