Feeling Lighter By The Hour

I sat in front of my laptop about four hours straight – not giving myself a break even if for a few minutes. It was somewhat important, the work I was doing. I finally designed my nth web presence – the last one having gone out of context several months ago πŸ˜›

But something strange happened actually. Usually, when I complete these web-page designs that I rarely get to do these days, a sense of accomplishment comes, succeeded by triumph and pride. Exhaustion takes a back seat all of a sudden after the completion and I get excited about the new design that I did.

This evening, however, all I was left with was a very strange feeling. I felt very light. I felt as if a huge burden had been removed off my brain. Well, yeah, that’s a cavity zone – almost empty, by the way πŸ˜‰ – but still, you know, the feeling was very relieving to note. While in almost every previous case, I felt pride, today, I felt stunningly humbled and I felt like surrendering to something unknown and inexplicable.

Yeah, I was exhausted by a wee bit, but that was probably not the reason. I was excited to a certain extent too – about my new webpage which I plan to use to get more freelance assignments and client leads. But there is this strange feeling of having been humbled rather than being humble on our own. Things are getting clearer and simpler. May be it’s a compound effect of a lot of things since morning, or may be it’s just a feeling. Whatever it is, it is awesome to feel lighter, simpler, and tranquil – which kind of gives a sense of having done what is best not caring for the result.

My two cents. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚ Hope by the next post, we get back to our usual satirical routine πŸ˜›

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