Oh No!! Another Post On IndiBlogger Meet

Location: Hyatt Regency, Chennai | Time: 1330 hours | Day: 9th Oct Sunday

If you are on the IndiBlogger scene, the title of this blogpost might be your first reaction seeing this post. But I am ready to take the risk of writing the post. Oh yeah, another question that might pop-up is: Why a blog-post so late!!??

College exams have this strange ability to put the most important work – like writing about my experiences at my first blogger meet – on back-foot. Technically, I should have posted this along with dozen other bloggers who wrote about the IndiBlogger meet right on Monday after the meet. Besides citing the college exam schedule, I must also admit, I am quite busy being lazy.

Hotel Hyatt Regency is a new star-hotel in the city’s long line of multi-star hotels. I dont know much about this hotel except for the fact that I have been watching it being built since a long time – primarily because I used to be very regular to college in the first year, which means I commuted on the route this hotel is situated on 😛

That IndiBlogger – India’s largest blogging network – along with Tata Motors chose this as the venue for the meet was awesome – because it gives me a chance to enter these 5 or 7 (or 14 or 100 doesnt matter as long as it’s a number, right?) star hotels. Frankly, the very thought of being inside these places makes me shiver a bit. Top it with the air-conditioning effect, and you have shivering doubled.

The Entrance to the Hotel Hyatt Regency. Something like a monolithic structure from the age of Neanderthals? Stonehenge? :P

Strangely, I was neither early nor late. A dozen other bloggers had already arrived at the venue. The term “ballroom” brings images of huge, or very huge, and imposing rooms where you could arrange a mini-cricket (if the guests were kind enough to permit a lapse of civilized behavior :P) but this ballroom was more of a simple, elegant and calm room – both in structure and sound 😀

But, one look at the ceiling, and nightmarish images of Hollywood scenes where the chandelier falls down with a mega-shatter (orchestrated wonderfully with multiple slow motion cameras) popped up. While on one hand it was a beautiful setting – glowing glass rods like giant optical fibers – and on the other, it was kinda unnerving.

I introduced myself to another blogger – an entrepreneur in charge of a start-up company – and we got talking. Since this was my first blogger meet, I didnt have the option of seeing familiar faces 😛 So I kept looking everywhere basically to take in the scene and setting. Tata Motors – the official sponsor of the IndiBlogger Chennai Meet – had done the homework in marketing their latest SUV, the Tata Grande.

One of the interesting things I found was the banner which had the photo of half of the SUV with the text They Tried To Fit Me Into One Banner, That Didnt Work Very Well. Other than that, the other interesting thing was the potato-fry-roll like stuff which was available during the tea break. Unfortunately for me, I chose to take just one of those in the first serving. Darn! I am still wondering why I am often shy when it comes to matters of food 😛

Oh yeah, they activated the WiFi for us to tweet about the IndiBlogger meet, or for us to share photos on Twitter among other things. Problem was, it worked only for a select few – like those who had the iPhone or the iPad (yeah, richie rich bloggers :P). There were many with the Android smartphones too – one of them (I’ll never know which) was the reason why my mobile phone got connected to the WiFi. That person’s Android WiFi was acting as an Access Point which helped my phone get connected through that AP. 😛 Whoever it was, thanks a ton mate 😉

The fear of torrent downloads: (and the general accepted fact that we Indians, no matter how far we get in technology and blogging meets, might suddenly turn out to be super heavy users of torrent technology when it’s available for free)

I dont know the name of this blogger but he was gracious enough to let me click this pic. He had to pose for many others too, I guess 😀 (to those who are not familiar with Chennai bus routes, 29C is the number of a bus plying in the city, that crosses the maximum number of women’s colleges)

Another blogger I met made a funny remark for this pic:

He said this looked like someone tore apart many paintings and then fixed them on this wall – having jumbled the pieces 😀 I concurred completely.

Finally, the star of the event 😀

The IndiBlogger meet was – no doubt – a successful one with loads of experiences I’ll carry with me – at least till the next meet here 😉 All thanks to the man behind the network – Renie Ravin – and the whole team that arranged, managed and brilliantly held the meet.


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