The Curious Case of Climate, Cosmos and The Hairline

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Some great saint, who probably never existed on earth, once said:

the rate of a receding hairline is exponentially proportional to how much you worry about your receding hairline.

I dont let my mom watch me comb my hair – which, yes, I do infrequently because I still have quite a lot of hair left over my head.

That is because if she watches, she makes it a point to make a point about the possibility of me becoming bald much like my dad – and as a positive proof of her suspicion, indicates a partly receding hairline right over, yeah, here.. here.. and here too. Period!

Out here in my family, bald head is a hereditary phenomena. Even paternally related cousins follow this trait. These guys, I hear, are of the Vishwaamitra Gotra (yeah I come from a Brahmin family, although most of my friends would agree on my being the odd-man-out in my family) and seeing these cousins I sometimes wonder if even the sage Vishwaamitra himself was bald! šŸ˜›

Anyway, the oft-quoted thing is not to worry about receding hairlines – because the more you worry about it, the faster your hairline would recede. Which brought me, incidentally, to two similar phenomena – although both being quite serious (so to speak) than a receding hairline šŸ˜

1. Climate change skeptics – who said Al Gore was sick, panicking the whole world because he never made it to the Presidency, who said Climate Change scare was almost a farce, who said the global warming up was quite normal and nothing to worry much about, who devised several parameters, instruments and methods to show that the existing methods of climate change counters are actually BS – have finally been forced to come out with the truth. All the Hollywood-type nightmarish scenes of climate change effects which we have become quite used to could actually be the scene your son, grandson or great-grandson (if the human species lives till then) would see for ‘real’ šŸ˜›

The final conclusion was that the rate of climate change is actually faster than what was before a century or so. Faster climate change means faster effects šŸ˜€ Yeah, I am smiling because we dont give a f*cking sh*t about all the climate change stuff and I dont want to act like all the hypocrites making startling points in forums, discussions online – all sitting in an air-conditioned room, throwing plastics all around and not giving a sh*t about proper waste disposal.

2. The other thing which takes on a similar hue is something for which three physicists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this year. Reading this news item, of which I couldnt make a head or tail of, I have partly decided to drop out the ‘Bachelor of Physics’ part of my Educational Qualification section in my resume.

The basic idea, however, lies in the concepts of multi-verse, expanding universes, and the rate of expansion. Here again, the idea is similar to the previous cases – one, the expansion is happening, and it is happening faster every passing second (or nanosecond, or picosecond for all you astrophysics freaks).

After much deliberation, I couldnt decide on what to worry more about šŸ˜›

Well not everyone gives a sh*t about climate change. Over seventy percent of those who actually give a head about it are only concerned with numbers and the graph-charts.

Rapidly expanding universe? So what?

Receding hairline? Oh. My. God?? Ah, come on. I have better ‘creative’ things to worry about šŸ˜€ Like the “receding battery time” on my laptop. Seriouslyl, I gotta check out why my laptop would give me only 30 minutes of backup šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜›

Catch you later. Thanks for reading šŸ˜‰

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  1. GeetS says:

    :O nice reading

    this is mine..
    Hair Hair Hair

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