Kindly Stop F****** With Kashmir!!

I’d love to say all these things somewhere out there. I’d love even more for all these things to be heard by the political bosses of both the countries. Yeah, may be none of that would happen – but let’s go ahead anyway. Here’s what I have always wanted to say:



Yes, everything about Kashmir started out wrong.

Yeah, it was not “democratic” when the bloody king gave away the kingdom to India, but the people (Muslim majority, quite obviously) wanted to align with Pakistan.

Yes indeed, India was as greedy as Pakistan – because both were economies with an empty purse and needed fast buck to race to the top.

Yes, Kashmir was a geographically strategic stronghold and a symbol of power to whoever held it.

Yeah, every f****** thing was so totally wrong.

But that doesnt mean they should stay wrong to this day! That doesnt mean people of a generation that wasnt even born when the partition or the accession happened should suffer. That definitely doesnt mean schools should be closed often, development works should be left half-way, curfew should be imposed every single week, and a couple of bodies should fall for raising a voice too loud, an arm too high!

Both you <expletives> of the Governments of Pakistan and India are the sickest of the sadists I would ever get to see, when it comes to resolving Kashmir. Dont you ever see what is truly at stake?

It’s not the buck that comes from the tourism industry. It’s not the natural reserve that almost seems eternal and unending. It’s not even the bloody strategic position and military advantage with all those passes and valleys and peaks!

It’s about human lives.

It’s about human emotions.

It’s about people of Kashmir – yeah, people with arms, legs, brains, work and eagerness to live a happy, peaceful and certain – and f****** stable – life.

All I ask – as a human, not as an Indian or a Pakistani or any bloody citizen – is for the governments to stop pursuing the financial, political, strategic, military and every other stupid policy of yours.

No, Indians wont give away Kashmir to Pakistan and bloody no, Pakistan wont let go of the struggle to claim Kashmir. Oh you sick dumbos! You sit in A/C offices and large hotel rooms and put your points in paper. You sit on camp-beds and make decisions on where to attack, where to control, where to drop the grenade. Have you ever thought what that beautiful little girl wants?

She wants to go to school everyday, play in the evening with her friends, sleep peacefully to get up early tomorrow – sans the boots with guns roaming around, sans the consistent wailing of sirens, sans the sounds of occasional gunfire, sans the deserted, empty, frightening, stone-ridden streets.

Thousand years from now, you are not going down the history books for keeping Kashmir with you. And thousands years from now, you are not going down the history books for fighting to claim Kashmir. If at all someone decides to spread the word, both of you will go down the history books as the most inhuman, politically motivated and sick-minded guys who never got to see the other side of Kashmir – the one that is made up by normal people dying every single day to LIVE happily.

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