Simple. Simpler. Simplest. And That’s Leo Babauta Philosophy For You!

Take a western guy. Mix Buddhist elements in him. Talk about self-realization. You get a curiously interesting mix of spirituality, productivity, time management, life management, zen – to cut short, you get Leo Babauta.

The last time I stumbled on his website – which was back then starting out as a small self-help type – was when I had dial-up in my home and my dad was paying the telephone bills. Back then, I was a kid.

Today I am not exactly a grown-up (who is, anyway? :P) but that is beside the point.

Leo’s ZenHabits website has turned out into a megaton of posts that deal with improving our lives in simple ways. It’s all the way about simplicity, the power of less and such “zen” kind of stories, anecdotes and personal experiences which he shares.

Yeah, the vastness of his website, the megalith amount of content he has produced over the years and the way he has inspired several hundred thousand people are all impressive enough. But you know what’s truly impressive?

His personal website homepage.

It defines, in my humble opinion, everything that he is.

Simple. Uncluttered. Concise. Clear.

I am reminded of this quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery:

It seems perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away.

If we learnt how to be all that at all times – simple, uncluttered, concise and clear – we’d probably be out of trouble most of the times 😛 And in all probability, we’d enjoy life every moment – yeah, even the bad moments would be relished 😉

If by any chance you happen to be reading this, take a look at this. 🙂

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