Tales of A Tortured Soul: GNOME 3 vs Unity

Okay, yesterday was not my day. Deciding to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 would go down in my personal history as one of the bad decisions I took. I am – perhaps like many others, down, battered and tired. And a little less than torutured πŸ˜›

The first thing I do after every upgrade/install is to change the default themes. The default looks are – how to put it? – definitely not good in my opinion. Perhaps that’s the result of being in the loop of UI/UX design, and basic tenets of designing. Ubuntu’s 11.10 did not let me do that. And it took me several hours actually to find out a way – and then finally when I logged in via GNOME 3, I realized I didnt have to go through all that! 😦 πŸ˜›

GNOME 3 vs Unity

Almost everyone who’s writing about Ubuntu has posted something about it somewhere. One of the most comprehensive and balanced posts by LifeHacker comes as an awesome intro to the two.

There are three kinds of people after the recent Ubuntu upgrade – 1) those who like it despite the new changes, 2) those who do not like it due to the new changes and 3) those who are stranded. Like me, for instance.

I am not exactly saying I dont like the Oneiric, but the way Ubuntu prevents me from customizing my desktop is something that I cant understand!

The debate on GNOME and Unity began long back. Back then, Gnome looked like so… disheveled! Unity was a welcome relief – a sea change from the old environment. But GNOME 3 changes the entire game again.

And frankly, if you asked me, GNOME 3 wins the fight.

I dont know what GNOME or KDE means. I dont even know what they stand for. All I know is, I am a linux user – and Ubuntu has almost stopped being linux for human beings as of Ubuntu 11.10 – human beings as in people who are a little bit curious and would tinker with the system.

I wont get into the details because there are a lot of people who have already talked about GNOME 3 and Unity in tandem.

Here are some screenshots. I liked the screenshot capture {shutter} sound too! πŸ˜›

See the Mac-like close buttons on the windows? That’s quite a rip-off but a good one at that πŸ˜‰

The GNOME search in the application/windows is faster and slicker than that in Unity. There have been bugs in Unity’s finder – which are absent in GNOME 3. And I loved the wave effect as you move your cursor to the top-left edge of the screen (yes, it’s a rip-off from many other interfaces, but it still rocks here!)

Well, this is just my view – I prefer the slick, simple and minimal Gnome 3 interface. I sort of gravitate towards the emptiness it brings. It’s like an empty canvas to sketch all your colors on.

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