The Play Queue Lets You Get Things Done!

You probably already know this: music makes you work better, faster – and sometimes with greater efficiency. And this post is nothing new when it comes to that fact.

But I just thought I’ll blog about something that I only recently found – and this is a simple technique which has helped me improve the way I work – in those rare occasions when I choose work 😉

All these music players have this play queue right? (Oh yeah, I heard iTunes doesnt have one. Really, Apple? Not sure of latest versions but the last time I saw, iTunes didnt have a queue :P)

So what I do is, queue up some 15 songs – which comes to around 1 hr and 30 minutes or so.

And I work till the last song in the queue.

As simple as it sounds, for the past few days, this has somewhat worked in my favor.

I am still experimenting it though. Like, I add songs that are slow and track how much work I get done. So far, the pace of the song has had little effect on the amount of work – but as I am typing this here, and a song with a fast tempo is going on, I see that my typing is faster too!! 😀

Like it? Use it. Hate it? Never mind 😛 That probably works only for some. But thanks for reading this 😀


2 comments on “The Play Queue Lets You Get Things Done!

  1. athu89 says:

    awesome 🙂 when i do any work without listenin to songs, I end up taking maximum time to do it 😦

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