Out of Focus – How A DSLR Hunt Ended In A Digicam! Darn!

There was once a point of time when all I knew about cameras was the Yashica Electro 35 – my dad’s famed possession which he bought for some 2000 bucks way back in the 80s (or 70s, I’m not so sure). This was the time when he used to tell me how hard photography was – well, with that film camera, it sure was darn hard. It was a single-lens no-zoom kinda camera – but it sure got me hooked for a while with its self-timers 😉

After that, I never gave much thought to cameras, photography et al but of late, I’ve been having – much like the generation I belong to – an enormous craze towards DSLR cameras. So, as is the usual case, the hunt begins.

Having handled pretty deftly (which, coming from me, should be read as awkwardly) some FujiFilm camera with good zoom and an EVF I began liking the EVF-kind very much. Yes, I still like these a lot as opposed to the LCD-only point-and-shoot cams.

Well, “the hunt” began something like an year back – or.. oh fish! I don’t remember it. Must be late last year or early this year. I first took a look at those DSLR-like superzoom cameras and was like “Wow! this is it! I am going to get one of these and zoom-in from different angles and look like a professional photographer and wowww!” None of it, eventually, was to happen.

So this was a time when I was a part-time work-from-home guy – with a rapidly deteriorating savings account (whose downward trend, even today, seems to be perfectly intact)! And so, I had a heavy budget of 10k-15k. For that budget, if you are on the camera scene, you’ll know, you get what DSLR-camera-owners like my buddy Sujan would call “a piece of sh*t.” Boy oh boy, I had lined up a few FujiFilm, Kodak and other cameras – with EVFs – and I also had some refurbished ones on Amazon bookmarked.

With money, my story has always been the same. If I save enough to decide to buy something I consider worthwhile, some or the other obligation comes up – and I end up having to put off things. It happened with my laptop. And it just happened with the camera too 😛

Well, all those things apart, here’s the kick. Someone who decided not to have the point-and-shoot ever just because he wanted the DSLR so badly turned up buying just the thing he would not want to have. And here I am with the Sony DSC S3000!

I like it, though, and that’s in the day. In the night, especially outdoors, I would rather not talk about it!

Yeah, this is a rant. A bloody rant with no other intention! 😛 Well, let’s see. Some more work would probably mend my finances enough – and by six or seven months down the lane, we’d buy a good DSLR. We as in Rakesh and me 😛 If you’re reading this Rakesh, I want you to make sure you too get ready for a May/June/July 2012 DSLR hunt! 😀

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2 comments on “Out of Focus – How A DSLR Hunt Ended In A Digicam! Darn!

  1. athu89 says:

    all the best for ur DSLR 🙂

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