The 50th Post – 1 Year of Blogging Here and a Silent Goodbye

Come this December 26th, just a day after Christmas, this blog would be one year old. It’s a week from now, but I thought, what the heck. Why wait so long? 😉

Mine’s a silent little blog and quite obviously it’s a silent anniversary here. I’m not sure if anyone would get to read this but one year of blogging has taught me so many things – not just about the very aspect of blogging, but about life itself, in general.

Consistency (or the lack of it), unexpected visitor counts, good-will, hasty blogging, and emotional outbursts – the list looks endless. ScribbledHere has taught me more about myself than anyone ever has – and has proved my fears right about myself. As a person, I’ve degraded, come down and in fact fallen flat of my values.

This blog is a decent replica of what I am in this world – little, known-to-a-few, unknown-to-most, often silly and stupid, sometimes funny and humorous, scarcely thoughtful and most importantly, normal. I see myself as friendly but I can hardly be a judge of my own characters so I let people around me decide that.

As far as the blog goes, it sure is friendly to those who are ready to read something – just to spend the time they’ve got!

Here’s the tale of the blog, and my relationship with it over the year.

The History of this Little Blog

It all started in the name of God. I being an atheist, that should somewhat be surprising, but if it isn’t, never mind 😉

I started the blog on the Tumblr platform. I loved the simplicity of blogging there.

Over there, what began as a mirror of incidents of my life soon turned out into a storyboard for my thoughts on various things in our lives. A little later, it transformed into a humorous (if you’ll permit me to call that) account of little things that happen around us.

Oh, I also blogged about what I am, and how it affects my life.

It was only in the month of October that I migrated to WordPress – a decision that I continue to regret. WordPress is great, and I mean nothing against it – but it’s not my cup of tea. I love lean, simple and minimalist things. In comparison to Tumblr, WordPress is heavy and complex.

The Stats

I never tracked my blogs visitor-counts when I was on Tumblr, even though I used to track other blogs before. But moving to WordPress provided a built-in insight regarding the number of visits this blog gets everyday.

As of now, the count stands at 457 (total) – and that’s excluding my own visits to my blog. The 457 is from October of this year, which means something thrice of that (1200+) could be the total visits to the blog (both on Tumblr and WordPress).

At 50 posts an year, that’s a little above 2 blogs-posts every month. A bi-monthly affair, eh? 😉

The IndiBlogger Experience

Of all the things that felt nice about blogging, getting to be a part of the IndiBlogger network is something that I will cherish forever. I happened to attend their Chennai Meet, I happened to get more blogging friends and I began tweeting a lot. Those things have slacked down for now, but I hope to be back on the scene sometime soon.

Lazy Facts

I have been very inconsistent when it comes to blogging. There have been months when I haven’t posted anything (April and May) and there have been months I posted up to 8 stories here. Here’s some lazy stat you could go after, if you’re bored to the core 😉

  • September was the most productive month, with up to 8 posts that month.
  • October arrives second – with 7 posts that month.
  • November and January get the third place with 6 posts.
  • Of all the posts, the first post remains my top favorite, followed by A Tale of Special Siblings (a relation that I cherish to this date and a person I love the most, despite all odds arising out of my stupidity). I also love this post here which was in reverence to three superstars – Rajni, Rahman and Sachin.
  • The Great Secret Behind Chennai Roads (posted when the blog was running on Tumblr) fetched me about 50 Facebook likes and for a moment, it spread like wildfire after Iyshwarya, Arunan, Paulson and Sudhir liked it. (This was a time when what a person likes showed up on the news feed of their friends). In fact, the spread was thanks largely due to Arunan’s and Iyshwarya’s share on their profile.
  • The blog recorded the death of the kittens and the solitude of Chute – the grey kitten that has now become a cat but still cradles in our laps in the mornings and evenings.
  • The month of June was the most emotionally challenging one – and the blog seems to reflect it bluntly.

Rather than calling WordPress a reason for quitting Scribbled Here, I should rather term it as my incapacity to cope up with the slow and needless formalities of this platform. I am moving over to a newer blog soon, on Tumblr for sure.

To sum it up all, it’s not exactly a happy ending but as the saying goes, we choose to see the brighter side.

Qualities that I held dear have diminished in me. I have become more of what I don’t want to be – but all these things are clear only because I have had a glimpse of what I have been through, via the blog posts I’ve written.

It’s a silent reminder that I still have a lot of things to work on. Yet, that’s a silent celebration.

There are hundreds of people to thank. Mentioning names would certainly mean I will miss certain names – which I feel would be the gravest mistake I could ever commit. Yet, I am tempted to mention the names of people I would like to thank very much for making my blog – and the experience of blogging – a pleasant one.

Gayathree, Iyshwarya, Sudhir, Arunan, Rakesh, Geetha M, Paulson, Athulya, Vijay, Arun, Jignesh, one more Sudhir, Sujan, Thamizhinian, Felix, Vinoth, Rohit and more. As said before, there are plenty more – and I am really grateful and thankful to each one of them.

It’s time. Goodbye Scribbled Here.

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4 comments on “The 50th Post – 1 Year of Blogging Here and a Silent Goodbye

  1. Rakesh says:

    I’ve always read all your posts. And want u to keep writing. Y goodbye?

    • Chandru says:

      haha thanks a ton Raks. I knew u were here all the time 🙂 not exactly a goodbye to writing bro.. it’s just a goodbye to this blog 😀 will start blogging from somewhere else soon 😀

  2. athu89 says:

    Hey I just joined this blog to read ur blog and now your leaving 😦 What is this 😦

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