About the Blog

Much like children who’ve been through school, I have been writing ever since I got into one of those places people call an educational institution. From English alphabets to three-letter words that often rhyme (cat, bat, rat, mat and fat), I soon graduated to a broken stream of sentences that made no sense.

Finally, I knew my passion – writing. 😛

What started off as a simple blog about the little things in our life (so, LittleBigThings, the blog’s former name), I finally made it a point to blog here somewhat irregularly.

I am not good at humor. I am not good at writing. And I am definitely not good at mixing them both. But I scribble like hell when I have the mood to. That’s what Scribbled Here is all about – I scribble here, albeit, my fingers somehow key-in the letters clearly 😛

That’s pretty much. Now, go, do something better. Yeah, like read my posts on this blog 😉


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