The Bloody Universe As We (Dont) See

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Modern physicist have this strange ability to make everything look as complex as it can get – and then as an icing on the cake, declare in wonderful and poetic language, this is just the beginning.

One of the reasons – besides Quantum Mechanics and Samkhya Philosophy – which prompted me to change tracks after completing my graduation in physics (yeah, even I am surprised how I did graduate!) was this whole discussion about the beginning of the Universe. All these Big Bang and Big Crunch theories – of whose intricacies I came to know, at best, only through A Brief History of Time – are cool, fun, interesting and readable only in the newspapers. These journalists give you the most toned-down version – spiced with cool elements 😉

So this morning – following day before yesterday’s random reading on the words of physicists eating each other’s mind out – I read another piece about inflation of the cosmological kind.

Now dont get me wrong – I am not a nerd, and I dont read such pieces. It was the caption that prompted me to go ahead. 😛 The “crackpot” reference got my attention and I wanted to see what the guy had written.

Well, all I was left with was a huge sigh. At least when I was in fourth grade, or till the time I was schooling, I thought I had a somewhat good understanding of our universe. The Universe, as we see, was a simple thing till then.

Today, I can boldly declare, not just me, but probably even the scientists dont know sh*t about our universe. Guys who fund all these researchers, companies that are pouring trillions into finding out how the universe was actually created – or at least, how it began – I dont know how these guys understand what the physicists tell them. And seriously, if I was a physicist with these results in hand, I would have a tough time trying to convince and persuade the sponsor to shell out money for my research 😉

For now, scientists tell us there could be multiverses (multiple universes, yeah, as if one universe isnt enough to comprehend). The physics involved at the Big Bang, or seconds before are not only complex – they seem bloody impossible 😛

What I dont understand is, why did the Universe come into existence in the first place? Ah, I know, scientists push that question into the domain of philosophy and religion. At least, philosophy will try to rationally answer that question. Religion!! Ahhh!! Kill me!!