Of Colleges, Accreditation, NAAC and our Idiosyncratic System

I am no administrator. I am not a professor either. I dont belong to a management of any educational institution. But being a student is sufficient enough to speak about the fantastic, brilliant and amazing method of accreditation of our colleges through NAAC – the expansion of which escapes my memory, but which is something like the National Academic Accreditation Council.

Last week, the college where I happen to study (read do data-entry work for the department I belong to) had the long-due NAAC accreditation process. For starters, it’s the way UGC credits the colleges based on the college’s achievements, performance and overall status.

There are quite a lot of parameters and variables that go into the decision of accreditation. An A+ with five star rating means an excellent college, while there are other accreditation grades which actually mean “useless, should be closed down but we’re giving you more chances” but are put decently as “potential for exceptional growth” or something diplomatic like that.

There’s only one damned question I have in mind. What’s the point in inspecting a college through a NAAC committee (comprising of principals, vice-chancellors etc. from various other colleges / universities of different states) when you have already alerted the college about to be accredited?

I mean, it’s plain simple and obvious.


You know what happens actually? The moment you say, okay we’re gonna send the inspection team on such-and-such date, preparation for the inspection starts!

The whole college suddenly begins to work! And for what? Not the students, not man-making education, not for the sake of learning. But, merely, for the inspection team!

This is what happens every time!

There was this physics teacher in my 12th who used to say, dont give me false statement. We used to laugh at the grammatical and funny aspect of the phrase he used frequently. But when you actually see what a college does in front of the inspecting committee, that phrase suddenly seems so bloody true.

So, hey you NAAC fellas! You are fooling yourself, and we are fooling ourselves – and in the end, a college that’s half-immersed in internal politics, mis-management, and improper vision gets a good rating – all because it had earned a great name way back in the past.

How in the hell do you expect our students to take up research, to take up philosophical thought and be innovative if this is the method you follow? It’s all an eye-wash!

With all due respect to your committee, to the proficiency of the members of the committee and the whole idea of informing the college before you inspect it (to test the reality of the college’s performance and functioning) – eff off!